cells is a computer program made by industrialdesign student daniel westhof which generates waterproof structures by simulating cells. these cells need water and air to survive. when they feel fine there is a chance that they divide but when they run out of water or air, they starve or drown. this encourages them to grow thin walls to keep the water on the inside and the air on the outside.

feel free to run the simulation yourself directly in your browser!

or download the program.


everything starts with a disc of cells on the bottom with water raining on them.

the cells consume and store water and air. if they are well, they may divide into more cells, but if they are short of their basic needs, they dry up or drown. thus they are encouraged to build thin walls to keep the water on the inside and the air on the outside.

when the volume of a cell culture exceeds 2000 blocks, the simulation switches for 500 ticks to the cleanup mode. the rain stops and all blocks completely filled with water become infinite. so all water drops on the outside disappear, without the water level falling. the cells stop dividing, so just the cells necessary to hold the water remain

every culture gets a randomly generated name, witch is the basis of the calculations. this makes the cultures reproducible.

some models

there are three models of selected cultures.

wadom. 24mm multiplex cubes

muwap. 6mm multiplex slices

ivatezyc. 6mm multiplex slices